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Strengthening Infection Prevention in Healthcare Systems

University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, are creating innovative infection prevention solutions aimed at small and rural healthcare facilities. Our dedicated team is committed to empowering these facilities to provide safe, efficient, and high-quality care for their patients. With a deep passion for infection prevention, we are eager to assist others in navigating their infection prevention and control challenges.

Advance Infection Prevention in Your Facility

Working together to strengthen infection prevention and control programs in healthcare settings across the United States. Our team of experts has developed assessment tools, educational resources, and innovative solutions to address practice challenges related to infection control. 



Learn more about the Isolation System for Treatment and Agile Response for high-risk Infections (ISTARI) that can strengthen infection and prevention strategies.


Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Support Center

Access free tools and resources designed to help Infection Preventionists in small and rural hospitals advance IPC programming and improve safety for patients and staff.


IPC Product innovation & development network (IPID-NET)

IPID-NET partners and resources

ISTARI In Action


Model 1A Exercise

Quilcene | Sept. 2022


Model 1B Exercise

Uganda | Nov. 2022



Model 2 Exercise

Puerto Rico | July 2023


Model 1A Exercise

Alaska | Sept. 2023


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