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XR Education provides a simulation-based, immersive reality educational program to aid Infection Preventionists in addressing gaps within the Sterile Processing Department. The environment allows users to gain experience in Sterile Processing virtually, prior to entering a sterile processing area. 

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XR Education Modules:





  • UNMC Decon Room
  • UNMC IP Clean Room
  • UNMC IP Clean Room 2

Three Sterile Processing Department novice modules cover topics such as Environment of Care, Personal Protective Equipment, and Workflow Processes between specific areas within the Sterile Processing Department. Learners will gain an increased knowledge of the complexity of the processes and various equipment characteristics necessary to meet the quality control standards of sterilizing medical tools, in addition to highlighting their role as a team member within the department. 


The Sterile Processing Department intermediate module guides the learner through an overview of the Equipment that may be found within the department and the various methods to complete the Quality Control Process. Understanding the equipment variability based on the setup of the department, this module provides general concepts to promote confidence in asking questions when completing an infection prevention and control assessment. 


The advanced module is the culmination of the novice and intermediate learnings. The learner has been notified of a sentinel event in which the learner has been requested to follow an instrument set through the sterilization process. Providing guided learning on the complete process of an instrument allows the learner to recognize the Fundamentals of Best Practices and seek clarification in their professional roles when a break in the process has been identified.   


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