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Enclosure for extended care and critical care interventions in a temporary healthcare facility in an austere environment for patients who require airborne, droplet, or contact isolation precautions.

Design Features
Technical Specs
Performance Testing
Safety & Operability
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Design Features


  • Expanded footprint with lightweight fixed structural supports
  • Clear plastic walls and replaceable modular components compatible with decontamination and disposal methods
  • Integrated air intake filters and HEPA outflow filter attached to blower fan
  • Patient access via two HugSuits and lean-in windows
  • Equipment access via conduit panel for wires

Technical Specs




  • Design Specification Requirements / Operational Airflow = Device shall perform at least 12 air exchanges per hour
  • Performance is ~20 air exchanges/hour
  • HEPA (99.97% particulates @ 0.3μ)

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Coming Soon!

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Model 2 in Action


Model 2 Exercise

Puerto Rico | July 2023

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ISTARI is designed to allow for the full spectrum of clinical care and is compatible with all transmission-based precautions. The units are compatible with standard medical utilities in a hospital room. It can be used in existing hospital rooms or in temporary surge spaces with portable utilities. See it in action…

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